Breaking down my bitcoin investment strategy with the cons and pros of cost-average versus borrow-to-buy.

I am not new to Bitcoin, with an early introduction to the vision, — what really is a decentralised non-inflationary hard money, — back in 2015. And with dabbling here and there over the years I have taken it seriously in 2019 — the crypto winter season— to spent my Pension to buy Bitcoin for the long haul. That's a whole another story and ask me how it works out in about 20 or so years.

TL;DR is that I have been buying and topping up my Bitcoin in my pension account, with some offline small holding stake. Now I…

Let me tell you How I did and Why I did it. See you at retirement.

Let me tell you my story about how I ended up buying Bitcoin and Ethereum with my employer-contributed pension pot.

I literally did say that.

It’s nothing more than my personal creative scheme I thought up for myself and my future. I’m not here to hype-up BTC or shill cryptocurrency, but rather to show you my actual Pension SIPP account screenshots, and explain why I did it, and hopefully, my personal musings on justifications make sense to you.

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The below features my experience on this journey, the learnings, realizations, and actual steps that I have taken (against good advice, some…

Price target analysis for 2022/23

This is something many of us have hoped for and others expected as business-as-usual for Bitcoin performance.

If you’re a Bitcoin HODLer, you may remember the pain of trying to get ahold of Bitcoin on [any] reputable exchange back in 2017–2018.

There were barely any quality unhacked-yet crypto exchanges.

And yet we hit near $20k. That was then. Now it’s Fall of 2020, and we just touched that 2018 all-time high again. It’s happening all over again.

Update: We’ve now hit $28,000 on Dec 27, 2020

What's next?

Through all this painstaking process of buying bitcoin and transacting in such ways, Bitcoin…

There are a number of options available to you, today and for the time being, to buy and hold your Bitcoin, as an emerging asset class.

Update: Bitcoin reached the previous All-Time-High on 30th Nov 2020. Analysis and Price Predictions

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Following the latest decision from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) — you as a retail (uneducated baboon) investor will no longer be able to leverage the tax-efficiencies (within the ISA and SIPP accounts) for your crypto asset (BTC, ETH, XRP and the like) purchases within your retail investment portfolios, along with the traditional market offerings (Stocks, ETFs)

How, Why? Let’s dive through with a quick recap, my position, the news, and your options…

Just about Doubled the investment today. Question is - should i pay off the loan or keep going.

Should probably stick to my 5 years repayment plan and network effect for BTC investment-valuation thesis

We evaluate the current m trend of hyped, overrated, and overpriced Tech IPOs and learn to assess the actual technology-driven market trends which you should pay attention to

IPOs have traditionally become a rite of passage.

It goes something like this,

1. Start-up kicks off with the next Great Idea
2. Generates interest traction, attracting development investment
3. It becomes successful in generating revenue — at least some, and
4. Expands big enough for the CEO/Board to consider getting listed as a Public Traded Company on the stock exchange — with Initial Public Offering (IPO) as such an important event.

This is the typical time for early investors to EXIT — sell out their shares, or some of those, onto the public market. …

Jon Frowski

A legal trained technologist by day and a Blockchain & Economy researcher by night. Let’s have a candid discussion about personal finances, and what they mean.

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